The word is so widely used and so generalised. ‘oh c’mon smile’ ironic. Smiling is something which can be considered easy when in actual fact i believe its really quite difficult and tiring for a lot of people. Not everybody in everyday of life can wear a smile which is natural many are a mask … Continue reading Smile

Final gif

My final gif was most definitely the most challenging and time consuming. However it was one of my first ideas for the portrait gif, but the last idea attempted. The making of this gif wasn’t quite what i had expected it to be as i’d originally thought it would be rather easy. I still now … Continue reading Final gif

Third gif attempt

For my third attempt i didn’t have a clear idea in my head of what it was that i wanted to create. I knew that it was going to be stop motion based. I had a few ideas in my head which we decided to try out. My first was to have myself in the … Continue reading Third gif attempt